WDG’s Focus and Scope

Working with are newly settled or even transient communities, who are suffering from trauma of war and displacement, requires special skills and this is what the WDG staff have specialised in. WDG were pioneers during inter-ethnic conflicts of using women from one community to train women from other communities to help to build understanding, trust and respect as part of the greater peace building work initiatives

WDG’s experience and core strengths have been in agricultural livelihood projects often linked to peace building for survivors of and returnees from war and with a particular focus of course on women. This has given us the platform to diversify into other non-agricultural income generating projects, to cross cut projects with work on disaster preparedness and environmental sustainability whilst always maintaining gender as our core cross cutting theme

Using and building on our good community reach and relationships we also have skills and experiencein Water Sanitation and Hygiene, HIV/AIDs awareness, domestic violence, employment opportunities for girl school drop outs and election monitoring.

Because of its strong relationship with the communities, WDG has become a leader of the local Civil Society Alliance and has been successful in government ad legal advocacy and lobbying for these communities and has changed perceptions about women’s roles in society.


Beneficiaries receiving fishing materials in Besseilia 

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