WDG Training Election Monitors


Since the establishment, WDG implemented number of short and long term projects in partnerships with UN agencies, government of South Sudan and other International Organizations. Below is the summary of projects implemented by WDG

  • In April 2001, with assistance from FAO, WDG implemented Vegetable Cultivation project. One hundred women IDPs were provided with seeds and tools and trained on vegetable cultivation.

  • In collaboration with Care, WDG conducted training sessions from April to June 2001 for 127 women on food processing, handicraft and home economics.

  • In August – December 2001, WDG also conducted training for mothers who accompanied their malnourished children in Action Contre la Faim's Therapeutic Feeding Centre. The training focused on handicraft skills.

  • November – December 2001, WDG trained 30 women in handicraft, leadership skills, AIDS awareness, small scale business and nutrition. This training was done in collaboration UNICEF Wau. 

  • WDG worked again with FAO in 2002, in food security 318 women were provided with crop and vegetal seeds, hand tools and cost of ploughing.

  • In collaboration with the Catholic Church, WDG provided handicraft training from April to July 2002.

  • In November 2002 WDG managed to free two children from Wau prison by appealing to the Court of Appeals and also freed other six arrested by the police.

  • April – May WDG conducted training to 120 women on Peace Building in collaboration with State Ministry of Social Affairs and with support from UNICEF.

  • In 2003 WDG continue monitoring Food Security Project with FAO.

  • August 2006 – August 2007 WDG implemented Peace building project in partnership with Oxfam Canada.

  • WDG implemented House Hold Food Security project in partnership with Oxfam America, Gender (Domestic Violence) in partnership with Oxfam Canada and Sanitation project in partnership with Oxfam Intermon.

·         2008 – 2012 WDG implemented Livelihoods and peace building project in partnership with CHF – Canadian Hunger Foundation  - a partner in Rural Development funded by CIDA – Canadian International Development Agency. The project targeted 1137 beneficiaries in three locations in Wau and Jur River Counties. Activities in this project include the provision of agricultural inputs, introduction of ox ploughing, goat restacking, bee keeping, vegetable gardening, taking products to market and micro-credit for income generating activities, as well as building the capacity of WDG in order to build the capacity of the community. HIV/AIDS, gender and the environment are cross-cutting themes in the project. The project has successfully delivered food security and improved nutrition to its beneficiaries and also generated additional incomes for these vulnerable families

·         2011 – 2013 – WDG worked with Oxfam Spain (Intermon) with funds from EU and Ausaid on projects that extended the SPELS project beneficiaries and introduced new drought resistant crop varieties for example of cassava which have now successfully become an important income stream for the beneficiaries and they have sold cuttings to many other international  organisations working on food security in the area

·         2012 to 2013 – WDG worked with JICA and SAVOT, their partner in South Sudan, to train vulnerable women in tailoring skills. This included basic training in 2012 and more advanced training for some of the better students in 2013. All students were given sewing machines at the end of their training; this was based on repaying a loan. 80 women have now certificated from this training. JICA/SAVOT had 7 projects running in South Sudan and WDG came out top in-terms of  income raised by its trainees

 project for empowering vulnarable women in the society

A Gender Workshop as part of Livelihood Project

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