WDG History

WDG is a growing Southern Sudanese NGO working in cooperation with organizations to encourage full community participation in order to fight poverty and promote peace and development for families and communities in Western Bahr el Ghazal State (WBeGS).

Formed in 2000 by a group of women, WDG is a response to the poverty, hunger and disease caused by conflict in Wau and surrounding communities. The conflict resulted in the displacement of large numbers of people from Wau into other villages. The humanitarian situation in and around Wau deteriorated as food stocks were exhausted and resulted in hunger, malnutrition, disease and deaths. It was against this backdrop that the Women Development Group was formed to support the poor and needy, with an emphasis on female-headed households and vulnerable children.  In 2001, WDG became a registered non-governmental organization

WDG Organisation

Governance Structure

The overall responsible body of WDG is the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets once a year. The Executive committee comes the second in the hierarchy after the general assembly; operationally, the general assembly delegates its authority to the Executive Committee to oversee the activities of the management. The Executive Committee is elected from within the general assembly. 


Working Area 

The organization is working in both Jur River and Wau Counties of Western Bahr el Ghazal State. In JurRiver, WDG works in the Kayango Boma, while in Wau it works in Agok, Momoi, Bussere, Biringi, Ngo Halima, NGisa, Frajala  in the BaggariBayam, and in RehaniFei, Gette, Ngo Mgba and Mboro in the Besselia Payam  

The organisation is also working with the Civil Society Alliance in Western Bahr el Gazal. As a mature and recognised NGO WDG believes that it has responsibilities towards other newer organisations to encourage and nurture young leaders and to help them with their capacity building.  

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