This is a list of just some of the achievements of WDG showing the diversity and depth of its experience

-       More than 5000 people have benefited from WDG food security projects including tools, seeds and technical support. 65% of these have been women

-       Implementing and Strengthening of Peace Councils in conflict resolution

-       Returnees and vulnerable households removed from relief aid dependency

-       Crop yields doubled to shorten hunger gaps

-       Farming practises including spacing, mixed cropping, mulching, planting in rows, planting leguminous crops to improve soil fertility, fallowing, cover crops introduced and sustained

-       Farming planning , business development and financial management capacities increased

-       Incomes of participating women groups have increased

-       Cash loans to mainly female headed households

-       Goats for mainly female headed households – 3 goats per household

-       Goat milk used for improving nutrition of children

-       Fishing net manufacturing

-       Vegetable farming knowledge provided to women and fresh vegetables now available for sale in local markets

-       Handicraft skills provided to vulnerable women

-       Delivery of hygiene and sanitation education and fitting of pit latrines

-       Voters educated before referendum leading to low rate of spoilt ballot papers

-       Government policy influenced on gender equity and equality

-       Women’s rights supported in local courts

-       4 women traditional leaders appointed

-       Out of 8 similar income generating projects in South Sudan, the WDG Tailoress Training project came top in terms of income generated per student





 Demonstration of agriculture technique- planting in rows

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